Experience MindBlowing Results In as Little as 3 Minutes a Day!

MindPT Featured on Oprah's 21 Days to a Happier Life Series with Shawn Achor

MindPT is a Fresh New Approach to Personal Change

You know that to get different results and experiences, you have to think and act differently. 
Up until now, that has been difficult. 
Traditionally, learning to think differently took intense effort... repeating affirmations… staring at vision boards… trying to stop negative thinking… 
If you’ve tried these methods… how is that working for you?
Are you experiencing the kind of life you dream of?
Or, are you still stuck in the same old patterns and ruts?

It’s time for a new approach! 

After years of applying cutting edge technology to the most compelling findings in neuroscience and positive psychology, MindPT is proud to offer you. 

The solution to the challenge of personal change…
a transformational app designed for the busy on-the-go person!

  • Create a powerful shift in your thinking without any effort! MindPT does the work for you!

  • It’s fast, easy, effective and convenient. Just press play!

  • Have fun while creating a winning mindset!

Experience MindBlowing Results!

As little as 3 minutes a day watching a MindPT session results in 6-8 hours of more positive moods, attitudes and energy and teaches you to automatically think in terms of what can go right. This leads to naturally taking the kinds of actions aligned with your goals, for accelerated success!

A MindPT “session” is a short audio-visual presentation - think of it as a vision board on steroids, created by great achievers and thinkers. Their wisdom is distilled into a stunningly beautiful visual app that is deigned to give you:

  • “Bite sized” immersion into the wisdom and expertise of people who have risen to the top in their fields

  • A powerful priming effect: prime for happiness, peak performance and success!

  • An effortless way to mentally rehearse the successful achievement of any goal

  • A simple way to accelerate learning and easily rise above your old self-defeating patterns

  • An opportunity to uplift, inspire and empower yourself anytime… anywhere!

  • A 3-minute “micro-practice” that eliminates the excuse of “I don’t have time”

  • An easy way to create positive new thought habits and embody empowering beliefs, without resistance

  • A fresh way to target your own specific goals in any MindPT session using its unique customization features

Try MindPT today! Download the app, get a free MindPT session!

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