Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Mind Power Technology”?

Mind Power Technology is a video and audio program designed to help you reprogram your subconscious mind to think positively and proactively. Mind Power Technology was created with most powerfully emotional visions, affirmations and music.

Expert Mind Power Technology Sessions

We had worked with various extraordinary leaders in the human potential, personal development, self-improvement & positive psychology fields to co-create a few pre-made sessions that harness the "thought-leadership" of these remarkable individuals.

How do I access my Mind Power Technology sessions?

Individual Expert Mind Power Technology Sessions are customisable with your own images and affirmations. That's where the exponential power is... Therefore, these aspects of functionality can be provided only via our server, not as a downloadable video as it's very advanced and sophisticated... and is generated by the technology that is housed within our website.

Logging In and Accessing Videos

How do I log in?

Click the “Log In” button that’s on the right side of header and footer of each page. Or simply click here.

I can't log in

Click the login button in the top right corner of the website. If the login button is not there, you are already logged in.

If you are prompted to choose a payment method, your account has not been activated. If you have already made a payment, you should not be seeing this page. If you believe there is an error, please contact us.

How can I change my password?

Go to your Profile Settings (click the link near the top of each website page or click here), change your password at the bottom of that page, then click “Update”.

I can't see the videos

The best way to view the videos is with Safari or Google Chrome. If you’re using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, you should also be able to view all the videos as long as you have the flash plugin available. If you don't have the flash player already installed, you can download it here.

What if I don't hear the audio on a Mind Power Technology Session?

Check to make sure that the volume control on your computer is not muted, and that once you start watching the video the video player itself is not set to "mute." If you use external headphones or speakers with your computer (particularly if they're powered by batteries or are plugged into an electrical outlet), then make sure they are turned on and functioning properly.

If you have started and stopped your session multiple times, the sound may go off. In this case, clear your browser’s cache and simply go back and restart the session.

How do I access my Expert Mind Power Technology Session?

To view your MindPT sessions, visit There are also links on this page to the apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

What web browser should I be using?

Because different web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) display web content in slightly different ways, we recommend that you use Chrome or Safari to ensure the best possible viewing experience.

My internet speed is SLOW, what can I do?

Our empowerment tools and resources, such as our coaching via video or Mind Power Technology, requires FAST INTERNET SPEEDS. If you have a 'slow connection speed' please be EXTRA patient.

My internet plan is 'small' and expensive, what can do?

Our empowerment tools and resources, such as our coaching via video or Mind Power Technology, requires that you have a reasonable allowance for downloads. Please be aware of this.

The average Expert Mind Power Technology Session is approximately 100MB

The MindPT downloadable applications will store the images on your device or computer, so that you don't have to redownload the images every time you watch. Because of limitations with internet browsers, images are downloaded more frequently and may transfer more data than the apps.

Technical Help

If you need assistance with other issues of a technical nature, we will need more information before we can determine how best to help you. Please let us know…

  • What computer system are you using: Windows or Mac
  • What browser are you using: Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • What version of that browser?
  • Were you able to successfully log in?
  • Can you watch your Expert Mind Power Technology Session after you’re logged in?
  • Were you able to upload photos of yourself and personalised affirmations?

If there’s a problem with Downloading the Application Software, the first place to look is whether your computer has somehow interrupted the ‘download’ process… PLEASE re-download and let us know if you’ve got the same problem.

Please note: Sometimes we experience unexpected issues with our cutting-leading edge "beta" software. We really are 'out there' in terms of new and exciting adventures in the online world with our content. As such we kindly request that you bear with us (we usually solve a 'bug' within 24 - 48 hours). Bugs do appear (especially when we are dealing with various different browsers in our environment) and often times we ask that you re-download, or re-load and do so about one or two days after seeing a glitch.

Mobile Apps

How do I use the iPod app?

Click here to visit the iTunes store to download a free copy of the app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The first three chapters of the eflow book that make up the app are included in the free version. You can purchase the complete book from within the app for $9.99, or additional chapters for $0.99 each.

Using Mind Power Technology

Should I watch the full length (long version) Mind Power Technology Session on Speed 1?

Played at its normal speed, the standard Mind Power Technology Session is an hour-long video and you’re strongly encouraged to watch it for an hour each day for 100 days.

If you have access to Mind Power Technology Plus as a Gold PLUS member, please watch your Mind Power Technology on Speed 1 for at least the first 10 days. Speed it up as you progress.

When should I watch the shorter versions?

It’s important to watch the Mind Power Technology video every day. If you are unable to watch the one hour version, you can watch whatever length video you have time for – you can watch for 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes or less. The only difference is the speed at which you’re watching the video: if you’re short on time, speed up the presentation to get the most out of the session you have time for!


Billing and Refund Policy

What is the refund policy?

MindPT is dedicated to client and member satisfaction. We offer high value digital products and services including advanced video technology, personal mentoring, co-host coaching videos, guest contributor videos, and learning resources at a reasonable and fair price.

Prospective members are given the opportunity to preview a Mind Power Technology video for a week, and numerous free coaching video sessions are available.

We provide these previews to demonstrate the value of what we offer and allow a potential client or member to experience the products and services without paying for the previews.

Our Mind Power Technology Plus technology is made available as a digital download.

Due to the nature of digital downloads and online viewing of videos not being returnable, we do not refund monies paid for purchases of Mind Power Technology or club membership.

Physical merchandise can be returned within 30 days of purchase and a full refund will be given if you are not satisfied and the merchandise is not damaged or worn. If the physical merchandise is damaged in shipment, you must contact us within 3 business days of receipt to inform us of the damage to your purchase while in transit. Shipping fees are not refundable.

We also offer one-on-one coaching, live events, teleseminars, and webinars to individuals and keynote speaking and trainings for organizations. Coaching sessions and live events are paid in advance and no refunds are available within 30 days of the scheduled session or event. Cancellations requested earlier than 30 days before a session or event can be granted a refund based upon the following schedule:

31 – 60 50% of fees paid
61+ 80% of fees paid

                                                           A credit towards a future session or event can be granted instead of a refund.

Engagements to speak or conduct trainings are to be paid as follows: Within 14 days of days of booking a 20% non-refundable deposit is payable. Before the speaking or training event, 60% of agreed fees plus expenses are due within a week of the event. These fees are non-refundable. The remainder of the fee is due at the end of the training or speaking engagement.

There are no refunds for teleseminars, webinars or purchaes made through iOS or Android in-app purchases.

How do I cancel or change my PayPal payments?

You can manage your subscription from your PayPal account. You own your PayPal account and we do not have access to it to make any changes.

Log into your PayPal account. Once there, visit your “history” and then you’ll see “subscriptions.” Here, you can change or cancel your MindPT subscription. Your membership will stay active until the end of the period that is already paid for.

Can I change the date my membership renews?

If you want to change the date your membership renews you’ll need to cancel your membership and create a new one on the date you prefer.

How do I change or update the credit/debit card that is being charged?

This depends upon how your PayPal account is configured. You can manage your subscription and accounts from your PayPal account

How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

The 'merchant' is Mind Power Technology Pty Ltd (A.B.N.: 13 600 460 044

PO Box 681, Noosaville QLD 4566


What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who promotes MindPT or one of our products to others by posting specially formatted links and banners on their website, or by sending non-spam emails to other people with specially formatted links to MindPT. All affiliates must abide by the terms of the Affiliate Service Agreement.

Still Stuck? Contact us directly!

We hope that this FAQ sheet answered your questions. We appreciate your membership and constantly strive to make Mind Power Technology user-friendly and efficient, for YOUR benefit!

Authoring Your Own Session

How much does it cost to have a session authored?

Prices vary depending on the level of production that's involved. To have a package built for your needs, please contact our sales team.

Can I use custom music with my session?

Yes! You can use custom music with your own authored session, that all of your clients will hear as the default music when they play your session. The only requirement is that you must be the legal owner of the copyright to reproduce the music, and you must sign a consent form. If you have permission from the owner of the copyright, they can sign the consent form as well.

If you don't have consent to use the music, it can't be distributed. However, you can still use the music with the customization feature in the app for your own personal use without any permission or legal consent forms.