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Let’s put it another way: If you were to make one single investment that would have exponential results, it should be an investment in YOU. Before your life can change, your automatic thoughts have to change. With MindPT, it’s never been EASIER and more FUN to change your automatic self-talk.

You’ll be unstoppable! Unflappable! Heroic!

  • RISE ABOVE your old self-defeating beliefs.
  • Become failure proof.
  • Mentally rehearse SUCCESS and HAPPINESS

If you make the one small effort to watch MindPT Sessions every day - seriously, that’s the extent of the effort required - you will grow that momentum exponentially. As your thoughts align with your desires, you will automatically take action on those desires, with enthusiasm, inspiration and energy!

YOU are the best investment you can make. With MindPT, you can expect a tremendously high return on that investment. If you point your mind in the right direction… consistently… you WILL achieve everything you desire.

"This is one of the best and most authentic ways to create success and happiness so you can live the big stuff and stop sweating the small stuff!"

Kristine Carlson, #1 best-selling co-author
of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"

Kristine Carlson As Seen on:

What Makes MindPT So Effective?

Each session is a revolutionary new way of integrating new ideas directly into your other-than-conscious mind - the source of your self-talk, outlook, choices and actions. Bypassing the conscious mind’s conditioned filters means effective, positive change that automates success, wellness and happiness.

You’ll dream big and ACHIEVE BIG.

You will FEEL the shift in your attitude, self-esteem, energy, confidence and motivation.

You will feel empowered to take ACTION

You will become attuned to the guidance and resources that are all around you.

So, You wonder how it works? See MindPT in action

Learn how MindPT gives you the power of your non-conscious mind. Listen in to Dr. Paul Scheele as he astounds you!

The 17 Elements of MindPT

MindPT uses a precise blend of high quality, clinically studied techniques. Each element is proven to safely and quickly improve emotional and physical wellbeing, and leads to peak performance and greater happiness.

Broaden & Build Theory

Broaden & Build Theory

Dr Barbara Fredrickson’s Broaden & Build Theory states that happiness encourages a broader range of behaviors including creativity, innovation, change and bold decision-making.

Reticular Activating System

Reticular Activating System

The RAS is an automatic mechanism that alerts you to information relevant to you. It is influenced by your belief system (“believing is seeing”). You can program the RAS to seek and amplify information that helps you achieve any goal.

Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons

Brain cells that fire not only when you perform an action, but when you observe another person performing an action.

Pygmalion Effect

Pygmalion Effect

A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on expectations placed on people and the individual’s unconscious response to those expectations.

Galatea Effect

Galatea Effect

A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on inner belief ofself-worth, abilities and potential.

Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect

A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on expectation of an outcome creating the outcome.

Preconscious Processing

Preconscious Processing

Our brains instantly analyze a few key features of any situation before we are consciously aware of them, to enable instant reactions.

Emotional Contagion

Emotional Contagion

Emotional contagion is the unconscious mimicry and embodiment of the emotions of other people.

Positive Empowering Statements

Positive Empowering Statements

The power of “I am” and other positive statements, help activate positive self-fulfilling prophecies.

Active Meditation

Active Meditation

Meditation activates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system.



What we focus on, expands as we unconsciously take action to validate what we perceive. Gratitude instantly upgrades our perception and therefore our actions.

Mental Rehearsal

Mental Rehearsal

Mental rehearsal is creatively visualizing the future and “pre-learning” the behaviors necessary to bring that future to life.



Being personally engaged in the presentation through self-images and self-written personal power statements helps imprint positive ideas faster.



A key element to positive personal change is fun, in order to encourage daily and consistent use until results are evident.

Relaxation of the Stress Response

Relaxation of the Stress Response

Releasing stress is key to promoting behaviors that lead to better results.



Positive images and statements stimulate the release of peptides, which activate the opiate receptors in the brain. The effects last for hours afterward, and lead to increased baseline happiness.



Neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, is the brain’s ability to form neural pathways and synapses in response to new information.


Look at some of the amazing results MindPT users around the world are enjoying right now:

  • Sleeping better and more restfully, and straight through the night
  • Finally losing the weight they've struggled with for years
  • Achieving greater feelings of peacefulness and acceptance
  • Developing a sense of purpose
  • Finding the person of their dreams
  • Enjoying an abundance mindset
  • ROCKING a success mindset
  • Becoming a much better mother or father, or a more loving spouse
  • Improved mental focus and creativity

ENJOY OUR SPECIAL SIX incredible life-enhancing “SUPPORT KITS”

Consists of 30 awesome paradigm-shifting MindPT Sessions by some of the world’s greatest teachers and experts in the areas of health & wellbeing and success & financial freedom.

Health & Wellness Support Kit I

PROTECT your health. It’s your GREATEST ASSET! Support your body’s remarkable self-healing abilities and your own HEALTH-ENHANCING HABITS with these powerful, enjoyable, visually stunning, attitude-adjusting, thought-changing, harmonizing and mood-lifting Expert Sessions.


“Healing & Harmony” Restore your natural state of harmony with this session from musician/energy healer Mark Romero.


“Holistic Bliss” Reconnect with your body's wisdom in this Session by psychologist/Holistic Bliss Magazine editor Vanessa Finnigan.


“Symply Weightloss” This powerful Session by weight management guru Annette Sym empowers you to take charge of your health, wellbeing and weight.

Harness Your Mind Power

“Harness Your Mind Power” by Kim Serafini: Discover just how powerful your mind really is - including the science of how thoughts create reality - and how you can harness its incredible power to achieve your goals and bring your dreams to life.


“Wonderful Wellness” Effortlessly make the right choices that support wellness and healthy lifestyle habits.

Health & Wellness Support Kit II

Support your health and fitness goals with these extraordinary Sessions! Build on the momentum you created with Health & Wellbeing Support Kit I, with even more ways to create nourishing and supportive habits. Enjoy improved health and happiness and live life to the fullest!


“Explosive Energy” Feeling run down and lethargic? Jump-start yourself daily with this exuberantly energizing session that will uplift you physically and emotionally!


“Fabulously Fit” Don't let life get in the way of your fitness with this fun, engaging session that motivates you and improves your mindset so you can reach your fitness goals!


“Nutritional Nurturing” Support your cells and optimize your body's remarkable ability to self-heal, with a mindset that will make it easy and fun to make the best nutritional choices.


“The Power of Perseverance” Achieving any goal takes perseverance. Endurance athelte Jarmila Gorman helps you develop the winning, "keep going!" mindset.

Success Is Inevitable

Success Is Inevitable” by Kim Serafini: Make success inevitable - and faster - by automating it with positive thought habits and behaviors!

Success & Financial Freedom Kit I

To be wealthy, you must think like a wealthy person. That means using MindPT to develop the automatic thought habits common to all wealthy people: a focus on wealth, a belief that it’s possible for you, and a feeling that you are worthy of being wealthy.


“Achieving Goals” for ANY goal, financial, personal or professional


“Financial Success & Freedom” to CHANGE your mind about money


““Focus on Increasing Income” to OPEN YOUR EYES to new ways to make money


“Super Sales” because human interaction is all about persuading each other


“Winning Teams” Dramatically improve any situation that involves cooperation and collaboration.

Success & Financial Freedom Kit II

If your relationship with money is not that of a wealthy person, you will struggle and have a hard time achieving your financial goals. These sessions empower you and help you create a solid and healthy relationship with money and wealth; and this will prime your brain to seek out the resources and opportunities to significantly increase your wealth!

Yes to Success

Yes to Success” by Debra Poneman: Are your self-limiting beliefs holding you back from success? Say YES to success with this empowering and motivating session!


“Discover Resources Within” by Paul Scheele and Cheryl Valk. Feel confident in yourself, your potential and your abilities as you achieve your goals.

Train Your Brain For Abundance

“Train Your Brain For Abundance” by Dana Wilde: What if money was like air? What if allowing money to flow into your life, was just like allowing oxygen to flow into your lungs? What if it was that easy? When you Train Your Brain for Abundance, you allow wealth to flow into your life freely and easily.

The Success Principles

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield: Learn Jack Canfield's success principles and forever destroy the blocks that prevent you from succeeding - at anything!

The money Keys

“Money Key” by Karen Russo : Move torward financial freedom with ease, inspiration and confidence. Release ALL blocks to prosperity and relax into abundance, now!

Relax & Keep Calm Support Kit

Life is stressful and overwhelming. To keep stress from damaging your health and wellbeing and keep you from achieving your goals, use this support kit as a daily chance to relieve stress, focus on your priorities, clarify your goals, focus on what you want and learn to let go and allow, so you can be happier, more relaxed and more able to go with the flow of life.


“Living the Big Stuff” by Kristine Carlson: Uplift yourself with this self-nurturing session and move on from heartbreak or adversity.


“Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Kristine Carlson: The "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" wisdom distilled, to help you let go, slow down, prioritize and keep life from driving you crazy!


“Peace & Productivity” by Dina Proctor: Peace and productivity are not mutually exclusive. Focus on your task, de-stress, and unleash your creativity to be more effective and efficient.


“Serafini Mind Spa” Revitalize your mind with Serafini Mind Spa, and create self-care habits so you can look and feel your best every day.


“Calm Down” Perfect for when you're stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. This session is a breath of fresh air - some much peace in the middle of turmoil.

Relationship Bliss Support Kit

A great relationship with another person begins with a great relationship with yourself. This support kit will help you be more understanding, compassionate and forgiving, and less judgmental and insecure. They will help you see your partner with the eyes of unconditional love. You’ll enhance your relationship with yourself and in the process build a stronger, happier bond.


“Romance & Intimacy” Relax into expressions of romance and intimacy in this loving, empowering session that will spice up and strengthen your relationship.


“Everyday Alchemy” To create outer change, you must create inner change - or personal alchemy. Let your mind drive your circumstances in the way you want!


“Broadcasting Happiness” by Michelle Gielan: What are you broadcasting to the world - inspiring happiness, or despair and sadness? It matters! Learn to broadcast happiness, to create the most amazing life!


“Love on Purpose” by Orna and Matthew Walters: We all desire love in our lives. This session will guide you to create more love in your life so you can Bring In Your Beloved.


“i am gr8ful for you” Gratitude is the best way to enhance life and relationships. This session gives you a new appreciation for your fellow humans.

FAST TRACK your success & happiness! Hurry Up! Say YES to Success!!!

What Others are Saying



“I watched the one about finding a home, and found one THAT DAY, after living in my car for a year and a half. I’m very inspired. The Self Love Adventure session really helped me. I am now watching ‘Making a Million Look Small’. I am receiving inspiration, getting the spiritual messages beyond just the images, and knowing that my life is rich, abundant, and blessed! Putting my own images in has helped me have more gratitude for what I already have!”
Peggy McColl

Peggy McColl

Kim Serafini is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She’s brilliant, kind-hearted and eternally gives to others. When Kim Serafini walks into a room, or is in your presence your life will be enriched in every way.”
Janet M

Janet M

Most of my life I’ve searched for something/someone to “bring me happiness”. Now, I have figured out that my happiness comes from self-love. MindPT keeps me focused and I am manifesting things that make my heart sing. Since MindPT, some awesome changes have come into my life! I am even more energized and passionate about continuing to work on my book! Thank you, Kim , for this wonderful program!”


“The specific, measurable benefits I’ve seen for myself include: ”THE DESIRE to leave what is easy and the fear of other’s expectations, and TURNING to the idea of what I could do, for me, which in turn will benefit the community.”


I have been using MindPT videos everyday, and love them. I’ve been using a wheelchair for 32 years after a spinal cord injury. I have enjoyed working in rehab hospitals but I’m ready for a new phase. My biggest goal is to work from home. I’ve made the decision to succeed at it! I feel it’s our obligation to be supportive and encouraging to each other... and you and your visionary team have a passion to help others. I’m gr8ful to God that I found You...”
Kim Serafini

Meet Kim Serafini, Creator of MindPT

Kim Serafini is an international entrepreneur, bestselling author, world-class speaker and creator of MindPT. Kim is also founder of the i am gr8ful club, a resource of positivity, gratitude and empowerment. Kim lives up to her title of The Queen of Gratitude.

Kim Serafini is an internationally respected Australian; a "Manifestor" - according to ‘Human Design’; a versatile entrepreneur, bestselling author, world-class speaker, qualified Sports Therapist, former corporate high-flyer, and most importantly creator of the Mind Power technology and founder of the i am gr8ful Club. She's living an enviable life and has also faced her fair share of serious trials, tribulations, heartbreaks and hopes. Kim is a Business School graduate who has reached the heady heights at the top of the Corporate Ladder in the area of Change Management in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions. She has many powerful personal experiences to share in order to help us all understand how we can make significant, long-lasting and successful changes so that we bounce back quickly, further develop resilience and overcome life’s challenges effectively with grace.

Kim's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to your happiness and success! We are so confident that Mind Power Technology works that we’re pleased to offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee! We invite you to use Mind Power Technology at no risk whatsoever. Engage fully in the process every day for at least 30 days to see how powerful this program can be. If you are not fully delighted with the experience, simply speak with Kim personally (via Skype online) at the end of the month and we will cheerfully refund your payment – every penny. Don’t postpone your massive success by a year or more … sign up now to ensure you’re in the right place, at the right time now.

I guarantee you’ll be blown away with the results! We are committed to your happiness and success! We are so confident that Mind Power Technology works that we’re pleased to offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee!

11 Extraordinary “Coaching Interviews”

See what an incredible difference being happy makes in your attitude, confidence and self-esteem.

Debra Poneman

Author & Founder of Yes to Success Seminars

Dina Proctor

Bestselling Author & Inspirational Speaker

Marci Shimoff

#1 Bestselling Author & Transformational Leader

Mark Romero

Energy Healer & Transformational Leader

Aimee Serafini

Women’s Empowerment Coach

Annette Sym

Author, Businesswoman & Motivational Speaker

Carol Look

LCSW, EFT Master

Christie Marie Sheldon

Author & Intuitive Life Coach

Sonia Ricotti

Author, Businesswoman & Professional Speaker

Kristine Carlson

Author & Motivational Speaker

Nichole Dreyer

M.Sc. L.Ac. Dipl. OM

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